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The amount shown is an estimate. It applies when a qualified buyer purchases through our Frontline program with selected real estate and mortgage specialists. Frontline Rewards may vary depending on the chosen state.

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How It Works

Don’t be left behind in the home buying process while you work the front lines of our community. We are a state-accredited organization dedicated to helping LEOs win the home they deserve!


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Meet your homebuying professionals

Save BIG!

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I had heard of other programs that help veterans with some discounts but noone took the time to really educate me on the process. It always felt like they wanted to shuffle me through the system. Frontline took the time to actually inform me of my options and then helped me join forces with a great realestate team that took care of the rest.


– Sargent Home Owner Air Force (Retired)

From the begining to end, they had the knowledge we needed to comfortable entrusting such a big decision to. Understanding that we are a busy family and had a short amount of time to dedicate was understood at the start and we felt that no time was wasted.


– Ruth L. EMT

Why Choose us


You work with your fellow officers on the frontlines of our community, but get left behind when buying a home. You shouldn’t have to be on your own to navigate this process that often puts law enforcement professionals at a disadvantage. 

Let us lookout for you for a change!

We provide top-notch education, help you access special programs and credits, and match you with experienced real estate professionals committed to supporting our justice system and the professionals it depend on.


Educational Approach

We focus on educating you about the process so you win the best deal.

Frontline Credit

Our Partners actually give back part of their own commissions, so you can save thousands

Professional Focus

We are focused on helping law enforcement. We know your struggle well.


Pre-Planning Guidance

Plan your next home purchase before you apply for a loan or meet a realtor

Tactics and strategies

Learn inside strategies and tactics for having a great home buying experience.

Collaborative Advantage

We pair you with a team of professionals that work together for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I remain publicly anonymous while purchasing my home?

Yes.  You can remain publicly anonymous.  We realize how important this is for many of our law enforcement professionals.  You will need to speak with your Frontline Homes Lender about setting up a trust and purchasing the home and taking title in the name of the trust.  Make sure to mention this to your Frontline lender early and often and they can help you get set up properly.

I have a second side hustle to earn extra income. How is that income counted?

Generally speaking the lender will need to see a two year history of reporting the income on your tax returns.  You’ll want to work with your Frontline Homes lender to verify that income.

I receive different pay types for things like: Overtime, hazard pay, shift differential. How is that calculated?

This will depend greatly on experience in the role, how long you’ve been earning that income. You’ll definitely need to bring this up with your lender so you can work together to verify everything necessary. 

When transferring departments, can I qualify to purchase a home right away?

It depends on what area and department you are transferring to. Some loan types will require you to live within a certain commute area, however the fact that you may have just started your new role or department won’t keep you from qualifying. You can qualify with a new hire offer letter before you even start the job.

How do I find a Realtor that can help us when I’m off duty at odd hours?

Frontline Homes will only partner with Realtors that have a personal connection to the law enforcement community, so they understand the challenges that come with the job. They will work with you and your schedule.

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Frontline Homes, LLC. is not a licensed real estate or mortgage company. Frontline Credits are not available in all states. All savings amounts are estimates. The actual Frontline Credit amount may vary based on the services used, sale price of the home (less appropriate credits), and down payment amount. You must be enrolled with Frontline Homes and be represented at closing by a participating Partner in good standing to be eligible to receive credit. Contact Frontline Homes for further details.