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The amount shown is an estimate. It applies when a qualified buyer purchases through our Frontline program with selected real estate and mortgage specialists. Frontline Rewards may vary depending on the chosen state.

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How It Works

Don’t be left behind in the home buying process while you work the front lines of our community. We are an educational organization dedicated to helping fellow educators maximize their homebuying advantage!

Eligible occupations include: Classroom teachers, Substitute teachers, Administration staff, School support staff, Retired teachers, and MORE!


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Complete your assigned courses


Meet your homebuying professionals

Save BIG!

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I had heard of other programs that help veterans with some discounts but noone took the time to really educate me on the process. It always felt like they wanted to shuffle me through the system. Frontline took the time to actually inform me of my options and then helped me join forces with a great realestate team that took care of the rest.

– Sargent Home Owner Air Force (Retired)

From the begining to end, they had the knowledge we needed to comfortable entrusting such a big decision to. Understanding that we are a busy family and had a short amount of time to dedicate was understood at the start and we felt that no time was wasted.

– Ruth L. EMT

Why Choose us


You work with your fellow educators on frontlines of our community, but get left behind when buying a home. You shouldn’t have to be on your own to navigate this process that often puts teachers at a disadvantage. 

Let us lookout for you for a change!

We provide top-notch education, help you access special programs and credits, and match you with experienced real estate professionals committed to supporting our schools and the professionals they depend on.


Educational Approach

We focus on education and giving you the necessary tools to get the best deal

Frontline Credit

Our Partners actually give back part of their own commissions, so you can save thousands

Professional Focus

Helping fellow educators and their specific buying needs


Pre-Planning Guidance

Create a plan for your next home purchase before you jump into it

Tactics and strategies

Learn the insider tactics that get your offer accepted

Collaborative Advantage

We pair you with home buying professionals that work together for you

Frequently Asked Questions

I work for a school district, but my spouse makes the bulk of our income. Will we still qualify for Frontline Education benefits?

 Yes! As long as you can show your lender that one of the interested parties works for a school district, you will qualify.

Does it matter if I’m paid each month of the year or if I elect to be paid only when school is in session?

No.  It won’t make a difference either way. Your lender will calculate you annual income regardless of your pay schedule.

What if I coach a sports team or club and/or have supplementary pay from extra curricular activities?

Great job going the extra mile!  To qualify this income, your lender will need to see two years of payment history.

How does my student loan debt factor in?

This answer can vary depending on your loan type and your lender will review this with you.  However, student loan debt is looked at where the balance of your student loan debt is not what matters. What matters is if you are on a payment plan or if the payments are deferred.

I just changed roles or the school I work at; How is this viewed when applying for a loan?

As long as it is a full-time role, your lender will be able to get you approved immediately. If it is a part-time role your lender will need to review the length of time you’ve been in similar positions and help you make a determination when going through your approval.

I’m not an educator but do work for the school system. Do I qualify?

Yes!  Frontline Homes, while geared towards educators, believes that our school systems have many interical role.  As long as you work directly for a school or district, you will qualify for the Frontline Education program! 

What if I’m a substitute teacher? Do I qualify for Frontline Education?

Your lender will need to see two years of employment history and will need to average your substitute income over that time period.

What if the perfect house appears on the market, but I can’t get out of school until 4pm to view it?

This is why we put our Realtors through training too!  They understand your time constraints.  They can do a video tour walkthrough while you’re at work on a break, or our Realtors will do a walkthrough on their own to be sure it meets your specific criteria for the home. 

I have another job in the summer. How do we factor that in?

Your lender, when running your pre-approval, will get all of your employment and income information.  They will average any seasonal income over a two-year period.

How do you select real estate / lending professionals to pair me with and what if I don’t approve or want a different person to help me?

Frontline worker, our educational content is always available and free to you. However, in order to receive the big ol’ homebuyer credit that is available, you will need to use both our approved/paired Realtors and Lenders. WHY?? These partners receive special training and have committed to giving back to Frontline homebuyers. Credits that you receive at closing come directly from our Frontline Homes certified partners, we cannot offer the same benefits to those homebuyers that choose to use other realtors and/or lenders. If you really think your cousin that just got their Realtors license is going to do a better job, then ask them to put their money where their mouth is and match the credit that our professionals do… We like to think of it as not just pandering to folks, but making our professionals truly step up when it matters.

I just got out of school/training and got an offer letter for employment. Can I buy a home now, or do I need to wait?

Yes! As long as it is a full-time offer letter, your lender can qualify your income before you even start your new job!

I don’t have any employment history. This is my first job. Do I need to wait to have more time on the job?

We will want to rely on your lender to give final approval, but most loan types do allow you to use the income from a fulltime job you’ve started.  Some will allow you to count the income right away, while others will require time on the job.  It will depend on the type of loan.  In many cases, our Frontline Students can use their first job to qualify right out of school because your lender can also count your years of schooling towards your employment history as long as your schooling is relevant to your current position.

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Frontline Homes, LLC. is not a licensed real estate or mortgage company. Frontline Credits are not available in all states. All savings amounts are estimates. The actual Frontline Credit amount may vary based on the services used, sale price of the home (less appropriate credits), and down payment amount. You must be enrolled with Frontline Homes and be represented at closing by a participating Partner in good standing to be eligible to receive credit. Contact Frontline Homes for further details.