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The amount shown is an estimate. It applies when a qualified buyer purchases through our Frontline program with selected real estate and mortgage specialists. Frontline Rewards may vary depending on the chosen state.

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Who we Serve



As a homebuyer education company, Frontline Homes understands the importance of providing knowledge and guidance.

Eligible for:

  • Teachers at a public or private institution
  • School administration and support
  • Higher education professionals

Still unsure? Contact us to see if you qualify!


Military homebuyers have some of the most unique options for home financing. We want to help make you a better homebuyer.

Eligible for:

  • Active duty military
  • Guardsmen/women, Reservists
  • US Military veterans

Still unsure? Contact us to see if you qualify!

Nurses/Medical Professionals

Medical professionals know that the details matter. Our partners are specially trained as experts in areas like income and variable shift schedules.

Eligible for:

  • Nurses
  • Public/Private practice medical pros
  • Doctors

Still unsure? Contact us to see if you qualify!


As a firefighter, you train relentlessly to be the best for your crew and your community. When buying a home in that community, you deserve the same level of knowledge, care, and effort from your home buying team.

Eligible for:

  • Professional firefighters
  • Volunteer firefighters
  • Adminstrative Support Staff 

Still unsure? Contact us to see if you qualify!

Law Enforcement

When you put that badge on, you’re making a commitment to serve in excellence. We support our law enforcement community and help match you with a team that will back you through the whole home buying journey.

Eligible for:

  • Professional LEOs
  • Volunteer LEOs
  • Correctional Officers
  • Judiciary Employees
  • Administrative Support Staff 

Still unsure? Contact us to see if you qualify!


You never hesitate when the call comes. As someone that helps people in their most vulnerable moments in life, you know the benefits of having the right tools and knowledge close at hand. 

Eligible for:

  • Paramedics
  • EMS
  • First responders
  • Adminstrative Support Staff 

Still unsure? Contact us to see if you qualify!

Who we are


At Frontline Homes™, we know that you want to be a proud member of the community you serve every day. In order to do that, you need to find a great home that fits your needs in that community.  

The problem is you’re being left behind in the home buying process and missing out on your best opportunities to land your dream home which is discouraging and leaves you feeling stuck.  

You need the knowledge and dedication of our Frontline Education™ partners that know the ins and outs of your profession and this process.  

We believe committed professionals like you deserve to live in the community they serve!    

We understand how difficult and all consuming the home buying process is. It can be confusing with all the industry specific rules and considerations members of your profession must know to get the deal done which is why we have helped hundreds of pros through this process.  

We provide free home buying education, pair you with our Frontline Education™ partners, and help you earn substantial savings on your home purchase.  You put others first everyday.  Let us make you the priority for a change. 


The Frontline Education™ Difference

  • We educate you on the buying process
  • Save THOUSANDS on lender and realtor fees
  • Matched with the real estate pros from our Frontline Education partners that understand your industry and particular needs
  • Learn about insider strategies and tactics that help you unlock the best deals
  • Learn how to beat out other offers in a competitive home buying market

I had heard of other programs that help veterans with some discounts but no one took the time to really educate me on the process. It always felt like they wanted to shuffle me through the system. Frontline took the time to actually inform me of my options and then helped me join forces with a great realestate team that took care of the rest.


– Sargent Home Owner Air Force (Retired)

From the begining to end, they had the knowledge we needed to comfortable entrusting such a big decision to. Understanding that we are a busy family and had a short amount of time to dedicate was understood at the start and we felt that no time was wated.

– Ruth L. EMT

GetTING Started Is Easy

Don’t be left behind in the home buying process while you work the frontlines of our community.



You’ve earned your spot. Fill out some basic info to help us validate your qualification by joining below.



Get the inside industry info you need to land the best home (and deal) possible with our fun and informative video series.



Close on the home of your dreams at a substantial discount with the help of our industry expert Real Estate professionals. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What are you going to charge me? What is the catch?
It sounds cliche, but…There is no catch! We NEVER charge a dime to you as our Frontline homebuyer, this is part of our setup that this is all paid for by our Partner Realtor, Lender, Insurance and Title companies. We provide them and YOU with free education. Then we match you with one of our partners in your selected areas and they work hard to earn your business while also providing even more back to you in the form of their partner credits.
Who actually qualifies as a Frontline worker?
We want to help as many people as possible with these great home buying benefits! See below for a partial list of eligible program participants. If you have any questions about whether or not you may qualify, please reach out to us at

  • Active military (including National Guard and Reserves) and any honorably discharged US veterans
  • Teachers and Educators- This does in most cases include staff that works within a school district or company. So don’t be shy about reaching out, if we can help you prove where you work we can get it done.
  • Professional and Volunteer Law Enforcement
  • Professional and Volunteer Firefighters & EMS
  • Doctors, Nurses, Technicians,  and many other medical professionals that work for a medical facility or company. (Again, don’t be shy about reaching out, if we can help you prove where you work we can get it done.)
Is Frontline Homes™ a non-profit?
Frontline Homes™ is a charitable giving organization, but we are not designated as a non-profit (501c3). Non-profit organizations serve an important role in our communities – however, they are also subject to legal restrictions that can limit HOW and WHERE they give back. Our leadership team recognizes that many of our program participants are public servants and their incomes depend upon tax dollars being collected to fund their employment. For these reasons, Frontline Homes™ decided not to organize as a non-profit, tax-exempt organization. We do however partner with some amazingly awesome non-profits and we give a portion of our proceeds from every client sale to a selected non-profit by the borrower from our list of vetted/approved non-profit partners.
How can I use my Frontline Homes™ benefits?

There are three main advantages for our program participants and they can be used in different ways

Homebuyer Education – Frontline Homes™ works hard to provide you with information needed to make you a better homebuyer! The courses you have access to will help you understand the homebuying process, give you tips & tricks to help you get your offer accepted, and avoid a few the most common pitfalls. 

Frontline Education™ – Something most of our Frontline Home™ buyers never see is the continuing education all our realtor and lender partners must do. This ensures you’re matched with industry professionals that are knowledgeable, understand current market trends, and able to best represent your needs.

Financial Credits – That’s right! In addition to our partners being some of the most skilled in their fields, Frontline Homes™ requires our agent and lender partners to commit their support by giving you substantial financial benefits. While Frontline Homes™ doesn’t collect money or charge the Frontline workers for our services, our partners do pay for the service and are required to give you a credit that can be used toward your closing costs.


How can I see your list of real estate agents and mortgage lenders?
To keep the process as simple as possible, we will automatically connect you to our Frontline Homes™ partners when you register in our homebuyer education portal. We take great care to match you with agents and lenders that best fit your home buying needs and location. If for any reason you are not happy with who you were paired with, or the service is not what you need/desire just let us know and we will remedy the problem. If we cannot find a solution to your differences we will assign a different partner.
Can I work with my own Real Estate Agent or Mortgage Lender?

If you’re a qualified Frontline worker, our educational content is always available and free to you regardless of  who you choose to work with. 

However, in order to receive the big ol’ homebuyer credit that is available, you will need to use both the Realtors and Lenders that are certified with Frontline Education™. WHY?? These partners receive special training and have committed to giving back to Frontline homebuyers. The generous credits that you receive at closing come directly from our Frontline Education™ certified partners, so unfortunately, we cannot offer the same benefits to those homebuyers that choose to use other realtors and/or lenders. If you really think your cousin that just got her Realtors license is going to do a better job, then ask them to put their money where their mouth is and match the credit that our professionals do… We like to think of it as not just pandering to folks, but making our professionals truly step up when it matters.


Frontline Homes™ Credit will be applied to help cover the closing costs associated with your loan as a part of the closing process. 

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Frontline Homes, LLC. is not a licensed real estate or mortgage company. Frontline Credits are not available in all states. All savings amounts are estimates. The actual Frontline Credit amount may vary based on the services used, sale price of the home (less appropriate credits), and down payment amount. You must be enrolled with Frontline Homes and be represented at closing by a participating Partner in good standing to be eligible to receive credit. Contact Frontline Homes for further details.